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​Wednesday, March 14, 2018

​The Arnolds Park Library Board met Wednesday, March 14, 2018 at 5:00 p.m. in the Arnolds Park Library.

​Present were Mary Dreier, Barb Woodley, Mitch Brown, and Library Director Kara Rice. Absent were Robb Keizer and Diana Jensen.

​The minutes of February 7, 2018 were read. Dreier moved to accept the minutes as read. Brown seconded. All aye.

​Budget Update: Rice said the City Council met with her in a special meeting. They said the library does a great job and felt the proposed FYE2019 budget would be approved. Rice then presented a budget report through March of 2018 showing the fiscal year to date expenditures at approximately 75%. The $5,000 gift from the Jo Williams Estate has not been put back in the budget yet. When it is, it will go toward book purchases. Rice reviewed some of the line items. Much of the money went for book and movie purchases.

​Summer Reading Program: Rice presented a letter going out to area businesses asking for donations for the summer reading program. This money is used for books to give the participants, programming costs and prizes. Sarah Riley also helps with this effort by calling on businesses she knows and the City Police help. Rice explained some of the fun events that are planned so far. The RAD Zoo which is a petting zoo, Duke Otherwise from Chicago is a multi-talented act of singing, magic, and tap dance. He is also the most expensive at $400. They are hoping to book him with a couple other libraries to share the cost. Absolute Science gives the kids hands on experience with science experiments. Also the Insect Zoo form Iowa State University. They are thinking for the kick-off they could show a movie at the Milford Theatre. Another idea is family night at Central Park in Arnolds Park and do a Jensen movie night or band in the park, have a food truck there, or rent an ice cream truck or do nutty bars.

​Library Board Continuing Education: The internet was down at City Hall for a couple days, so Rick was unable to access the lesson for the Board Members to read. She will do this next meeting.

​Bills: Bills were presented through March 14, 2018 in the amount of $3,210.42. Purchases from the Library Store were for barcodes and a new scanner for checking books in and out. The current scanner only worked part of the time. The Foundation Board will pay half of this cost. The payment to Access Systems for the printer contract was $724. She had received a call that the library was four months behind on their payments. The library had received no bills. It was discovered that Access Systems had been sending the bills to a wrong address. The Junior Library Guild bill was for purchase of books from Kindergarten to Junior High age. They have panels which pick the best books out of three categories. The library receives 47 books throughout the year. They are hard cover award winners.

​Following discussion, Dreier moved to pay the bills as presented. Brown seconded. All aye.

The next meeting will be April 11, 2018.

​Barbara Woodley