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Wednesday, May 9, 2018
5:00 P.M.

The Arnolds Park Board met Wednesday, May 9, 2018 at 5:00 p.m. in the Arnolds Park Library.

Present were Mary Dreier, Barb Woodley, Mitch Brown, Diana Jensen and library director Kara Rice. Absent was Robb Keizer.

Minutes of April 11, 2018 were read. Dreier moved to accept the minutes as written. Brown seconded. All aye.

TEI Landmark Lease agreement for audio books: The representative from TEI told Rice that the library could have a free trial of the audio book program. Rice agreed and after the trial did not like the program. The new releases have to be under a certain dollar amount. No expensive books. The library can’t pick the books they want. Instead the company sends a list from which the library must choose. She turned down participating in this program. Rice said there is a director’s meeting coming up and she will ask other library directors what programs they use for audio books. She will use the $3900 that was going to the TEI program to purchase Playaway audio books.

FYE 2018 Budget: The FYE 2018 budget ends June 30, 2018. The city added another $25,000 to the budget until the end of the year for any unexpected expenses. Rice said there are already some needs. A laptop crashed and will be replaced. Also she will use some of the money to purchase the T.V. discussed last month.

Summer Reading Program: Rick said Monday and Tuesday of this week she spoke to all school classes in Milford about the summer reading program. The library has had new businesses coming forward and offering donations toward the program.

Library Board Continuing Education: Rice e-mailed the board members a copy of Chapter 9 of the Library Board Director’s Handbook for their study. The members had no questions.

Bills were presented in the amount of $3,738.48. Rice reviewed the bills. Part of the city credit card was $200 for prizes for the reading program. The petty cash bill was larger because she couldn’t use the city credit card for awhile because it had been maxed out by the police department. The Baker and Taylor bill was for several new books that had come out, so she bought more than usual. New chair mats were purchased to save the carpets from too much wear.

The next meeting will be held Wednesday, June 13, 2018.

Barbara Woodley